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"Great story. Pixie's Parchment Paper is well written and entertaining story. It's a fun read with an interesting plot and well rounded, likable characters. Not only is the story intriguing in and of itself, with some nice twists and turns, but it also adeptly touches on the problem of bullying. Definitely recommend this book to everyone." -Chris

"Hang on for a ride. An engaging and well written book, Pixie's Parchment Paper - had me hooked the whole way. Wrapped inside all the dips and dives, this book puts words to all the personal frustrations that come with having to deal with bullying. Following the main character throughout the story is a unique experience that teeter totters what it means to be moral. Highly recommended!" -A C

"I'm not a huge reader but this book really entertained me. What a great all around book. I would definitely recommend this book to others. Every chapter I read kept me drawn in. Well written." - Jordan Goldman

"5 stars and a thumbs up. I loved this whole book from page 1! The author has a snarky sense of humor and adds in small details, which I find make his characters come alive. John P. DeVito excelled at creating a thrilling and mysterious

storyline with main characters (Paula & Patrick!) that are lovable. Pixie's Parchment Paper is a thoroughly enjoyable read, with an intriguing plot and an unpredictable ending. Furthermore, there is a deep underlying message about bullying which makes this book even more special. I would recommend this book to anyone, young or old, who wants a story that causes you to become so invested that your only choice is to finish this book in one sitting." - Bethany Terpening

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"Bully for the reader! A great book. I found Pixie's Parchment Paper very entertaining. The story begins with author recounting a teenage bullying experience and high school courtship. From there, the story takes a very unexpected turn with interesting plot twists and turns. Without revealing the surprise, P's PP is a real page turner that offers a genuine message of hope and redemption in the most unlikely of friendships. Highly recommended." - CF

"If the Horsedog doesn't concern you, the message will. Pixie's Parchment Paper was delightfully accessible with skillfully delivered messaging of the profound impact that bullying has upon children and adolescents in our society. Although a quick read, the moral lingers long after the last page is turned. With keen insight, the author weaves a suspenseful plot that takes the reader on a journey through the real, the surreal, and yes, even the fantastical World Series win by the Boston Red Sox. Pixie's Parchment Paper, despite being written to a youthful audience, will capture the imagination and interest of any reader. It's a good thing Amazon delivers; you don't want to be out after dark!" - Fuzzy Circus Bear

"A Superb read with a shockingly dark twist! Engaging & very clever. Mystery, Romance, Fantasy...heart stopping, jaw dropping & "Wow, I did not see that coming" multiple times...with a really deep important message as well. John P. DeVito hit it out of the park!" - Karen

"A great read for a nice day! I'd like to preface this review with - I am NOT an author. A friend recommended this book earlier this spring and I took a break from the series I was reading to read Pixie's Parchment Paper. This book took me 3 reading sessions, I couldn't put the book down. Patrick's rollercoaster story kept me engaged and I LOVED the ending. (No spoilers.) I suggest you spend the $9 and give it a quick read, you won't be disappointed." - Anthony Esposito

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